Website design process, what to expect and when

Any company or business looking to hire a web designer should ask for a detailed website design process. A action list of what will happen and when helps every stakeholder understand their responsibilities and task list.

Designers or agencies that can’t clearly layout their processes should be avoided. It can lead to a unhappy experience for everyone involved in a project. Anchor agency have a detailed website design process so everyone involved in a project knows exactly what is happening and when.

Website Design Process


  1. Understand you and your customers needs.
  2. Research the market and create a competitor analysis.
  3. Detailed plan of requirements, when it is due and who is responsible.
  4. Gather our resources – images, logos, text content, email addresses and contact information.
  5. Client signs off when satisfied.

Design your website

  1. Provide a website architecture plan. What pages and sections do we need.
  2. Send you visual designs of your website for desktop and mobile screens.
  3. Client signs off when satisfied.

Build your website

  1. We build your site.
  2. Connect any social media accounts and contact forms.
  3. Add all the content
  4. You can view your website before we launch it.