Drive My Car Website

Drive My Car or is a service that offers a designated driver and an N.C.T. pick up and return service in multiple towns around Ireland. You get to leave your home at your convenience in your own car but don’t have to spend the next morning collecting it.

They needed a website that would allow their customers to select the area and service and book an available time. Then process credit card payments.

Drive My Car Project Requirements

We had to deliver a number of requirements for

  1. A mobile responsive website that looks great on all devices, and loads quickly.
  2. A booking calendar that allows a customer to book services easily and quickly.
  3. Credit card processing that is easy to manage.
  4.  Staff roster management that keeps it easy to manage all the staff in different towns by allowing drivers to only be available for the hours they can drive.
  5. Artwork, logos and graphics for the whole site.
  6. Printed flyers for handing out.

Drive My Car Deliverables is a brand new website with no previous brand guidelines. We started with a clear outline of the booking calendar requirements and a breakdown of the two main services. Designated driver and NCT pick up and collect.

We then created an information architecture plan of the pages and booking pages needed. Next step was developing logo and icons for the site and selecting images.

Once that was completed we moved into constructing the booking calendar and creating services, employees and pricing for each service.

We did orginally plan on the designated driver services been a membership program. The Designated driver service was originally planned behind a membership wall, which we then removed as it complicated the booking process for the customer.

Drive my car is an example of our medium website package that has been customised with the building of the booking calendar.